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Carl Jung was the founder of analytical psychology who revolutionized the way we approached the human psyche. Drawing on Eastern mysticism, mythology and dream analysis to develop his theories, Jung proposed many ideas which are still influential today, including introversion, extroversion and the collective unconscious. 

Knowledge in a Nutshell: Carl Jung introduces psychologist Jung's ideas in an engaging and easy-to-understand format. Jungian psychology expert Gary Bobroff breaks down the concepts of the psyche, collective unconscious, archetypes, personality types and more in this concise book. He also explores the influence on Eastern philosophy and religion on Jung's ideas, and how spiritualism enriched his theories. 

With useful diagrams and bullet-point summaries at the end of each chapter, this book provides an essential introduction to this influential figure and explains the relevance of Jung's ideas to the modern world.

ABOUT THE SERIES: The 'Knowledge in a Nutshell' series by Arcturus Publishing provides engaging introductions to many fields of knowledge, including philosophy, psychology and physics, and the ways in which human kind has sought to make sense of our world.

Gary S. Bobroff grew up in Saskatoon and took his first personality type test at twelve and has been hooked on Jung ever since. He has a bachelor's degree from the University of British Columbia, and a master's degree in Jungian-oriented counselling psychology from Pacifica Graduate Institute. He is a certified administrator of the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator™. An international speaker and workshop leader, Gary presents new ideas in engaging and accessible ways. He is the author of Jung, Crop Circles and the Reemergence of the Archetypal Feminine (North Atlantic, 2014).

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