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Ladakh is an out-of-the-world destination with a rugged inhospitable terrain, a well-preserved ancient culture and immense natural wealth. This region remained shrouded in mystery for centuries because of its inaccessibility.

The harmonious mingling of people of varied origins, distinct cultures and different religions has resulted in a unique fusion of people in Ladakh. Though it has been open to tourism since 1974, construction of motorable roads in difficult terrain and opening the hitherto restricted areas to tourists is a recent phenomenon. Ladakh has become an irresistible destination for nature lovers, researchers and adventure seekers of the world.

Dr Tilak Ranjan Bera, born in Kolkata, India, is an avid nature lover and has a passion for travelling, writing and photography. He has authored several pictorial books on India. He was awarded the Fulbright-Nehru Fellowship by the United States-India Educational Foundation and Senior Research Fellowship by the Indian Government. He was an Associate at Yale University,USA during the Fulbright Fellowship.

The author has explored every corner of Ladakh for three decades and has done extensive studies related to the place. A keen observer, his book contains information on all aspects of Ladakhs natural, cultural and human wealth, described in his unique style and in a lucid manner. He has painstakingly collected photographs and captured various moods of the terrain in different season and presented the rich and fascinating cultural heritage of the region in an interesting manner. Meticulous presentation and exclusive photographs make this book a collectors choice.

In this book, the author has presented every aspect of the territory with exclusive photographs and it can easily be considered the best book ever produced on Ladakh by an Indian author.
-----Shri Omar Abdullah, Chief Minister, Jammu and Kashmir

A fascinating pictorial display of an amazingly interesting region of the world.

With a Foreword by His Holiness the Dalai Lama.

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