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Table of Contents

Colors Terms
Airbrush and its Mechanism
Maintenance and Troubleshooting
Basic Airbrush Exercises:
Airbrush Exercises:
Humpback Whale
Red Cap Oranda Goldfishes
Whale Shark
Leafy Seadragon
Author Bio


Thanks for purchasing this eBook, as you show a genuine interest in the world of Airbrushing “Aquatic Animals”. Back when I was learning to draw aquatic animals, I liked watching the wonderful scene inside the aquarium, of my pet“Goldfish”. At first I was amazed at the features and colors, but when I kept seeing more details as it moved, an idea struck inside my head. I thought about adding some colors to my drawing. I kept the drawing for a while, since I’m still learning to paint in acrylic, and after a few months of browsing some of my files, I saw my drawing again. I decided to paint it in colors with acrylic using an airbrush, since by that time I already knew how to use an airbrush. I painted it with a very satisfied result, and later on I saw it hung on the wall of my best friend house. I was so glad!

I’m not encouraging you to give away your masterpiece, rather the point I’m making is that with your airbrush, you can make limitless fantastic art. If only you could imagine this tool’s greatness with its capabilities. So, I made this eBook for you to learn the basics of airbrushing that every beginner needs to know and practice to master it. I made this book also,for an airbrush artist who wants to learn to paint aquatic creatures. We will be using some other materials to complete our artwork like; Watercolor pencils, masking film or other masking materials that are available, and many more. First, you have to invest a little by getting a good airbrush and a reliable air compressor for you to start painting. I also included all the materials needed for our work, and I’m sure they are available at any art store.

Make some time to read and practice all the exercises in this eBook, and in no time you will be a great airbrush artist in painting Aquatic Animals. Remember to have fun when spraying with your airbrush!

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