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Achieve your real investment goal of growing your retirement plan in any market and retire on time by combining the best of alternative and traditional investments.

The success or failure of your retirement plan is dependent on your ability to evaluate investment strategies, mutual funds, money managers, and/or financial advisors. Your ability to focus on what matters most will make or break your retirement plan.

Let a proven investment manager show you how to:

• Understand the biggest risk to growing your retirement plan and what to do about it

• Learn the real differences between traditional and alternative investment strategies

• Know what kind of investment strategies/advice are worth paying for and what you shouldn’t pay for

• Choose investment strategies, mutual funds, money managers or financial advisors that can grow your funds even when everyone else is losing

• Learn how to avoid the mistakes when investing index funds and bonds

• Learn how to avoid paying too much in fees for alternative investment strategies

• Learn how the ultra rich invest compared to traditional investments

• Learn how to choose alternative investment strategies using information from a losing decade.


"Lee Hull has written a book that backs his strategies with actual data. His concepts are sound, his test results show consistent behavior,...he applies many of these strategies in his own asset management firm…" —Larry Connors, author of Street Smarts and High Probability ETF Trading

"…you don’t need to be a qualified investor to use the tools that were once only at their disposal. Today’s investors only need to be educated properly and this book goes a long way in doing that."  —George Pruitt, Director of Research at Futures Truth

"Less Risk, More Return will become one of the most valuable books you could have in your investors library....it will give you access to knowledge and strategies that will enable you to make informed investment decisions, and will give you a new awareness and confidence."—Larry Chambers author of 50 books including The First Time Investor named as one of the top five books for “investing on a shoestring” Knight Ridder, and Protect Your 401(k) one of Barron’s “Best”

"…if you want to protect yourself from the very real possibility of periods of low returns this is a must read...I cannot say enough good things about this book." —Rich Mintzer, author of Everything Investing and Fast Read Investing

"…If they gave gold medals for investment advice you would have a bucket full." —Lanny Bassham, Olympic Gold Medalist and author of Mental Management

"In a world sometimes devoid of answers, Hull cuts through the noise and provides investors with a blueprint to address retirement planning and investing…" —Zack Miller, author of Tradestreaming

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