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Drive sustained growth!
—Use on demand techniques to gain unprecedented speed, flexibility, and adaptability

—Construct dynamic "value webs" that leverage innovation from any source

Deregulation, globalization, and the Internet are driving rampant commoditization in virtually every industry. To escape that trap and grow profitably, you must "let go" of traditional control mechanisms. In their place, you must build new models, relationships, and platforms that capture and deliver value from multiple sources, inside and outside the enterprise.

In Let Go To Grow, IBM senior executive Linda Sanford and long-time entrepreneur Dave Taylor show exactly how to do that.

Sanford and Taylor systematically review the On Demand Business processes, people strategies, technology shifts, governance practices, and leadership vision you'll need to maximize profitability in tomorrow's business environment. They introduce powerful new techniques for balancing and measuring three key drivers of top-line growth: productivity, collaboration, and innovation.

You'll discover how to gain unprecedented flexibility by constructing your business around components, platforms, and standardized interfaces. The authors demonstrate how to expand your growth space, liberate your cost structures, and build profits—not just revenues. Drawing on the experiences of companies ranging from GE to eBay, Toyota to IBM, this book focuses on practical implementation, offering a proven, start-to-finish approach for moving from vision to results.

Create a virtuous cycle of growth.
Discover how great companies are escaping commoditization and the vagaries of economic cycles.

Improve, balance, and measure the key drivers of top-line growth.
Use on demand techniques to supercharge productivity, collaboration, and innovation.

Drive unprecedented agility with proven on demand strategies.
"Open up" your firm: source and coordinate capabilities dynamically, on-the-fly.

Build flexible "value webs" that liberate your cost structures.
Master powerful new ways to refocus precious resources on growth.

"Componentize" your business functions, processes, and services.
Simplify the creation of any new business configuration, from supply chain management to customer service.

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