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New York Times and USA Today Bestselling Author Geri Foster brings you the epic serial Love Renewed, Women of Courage

Best if books are read in order. 

Episode One:

Gibbs City… Secrets, Spies, and Suspense shadow the residents of a small town in this amazing saga set in the 1940’s.

Shadows of the past haunt Lily Tucker as she searches for a safe haven for her and her six-year-old daughter in post-World War II. Elliot Givens’ journey to complete a promise to his best friend soon takes a different turn when he meets Lily.

Can two shattered souls come together to heal each other amongst the savage idealism of a small town or will the letter that Elliot carries rip them apart?

Episode Two:

Lily Tucker struggles to open the hotel left to her by her deceased husband’s parents and raise her only child. Elliot Givens battles his conscience and the promise he made his dying friend on the battle field. He never planned on falling in love with Lily.

When a threat is made on little Katie’s life, Lily joins forces with the women of the town and Elliot to save the child’s life, while fighting her growing attraction to her late husband’s best friend. 

Can love stand up against gossip, tragedy and deception? Or are they doomed to go their separate ways and never find the true meaning of happiness when the truth is revealed?

Episode Three:

Lily Tucker’s family continues to stir the pot, making it hard for her to find happiness. She is reunited with her aunt and together they suspect her mother may have been murdered. She is attacked by her father and devastated that she is so helpless.

To protect Lily, Elliot Givens confronts her family only to find he’s been lured into a trap. Jumped while at Black Water Creek, and left for dead, Elliot fights to survive and return to Lily and Katie.

Will all the violence end? Will Elliot completely recover? Can their love survive against all the trouble Lily’s family brings to Gibbs City? Will their little town ever be the same again?

Episode Four:

Elliot Givens’ life hangs in the balance as he fights to survive a brutal beating meant to end it. The only thing that has kept him alive is his determination to protect Lily Tucker and her young daughter, Katie, from the vicious men who trapped him. Each day, the struggle to heal becomes more imperative, especially when he discovers that the men have kidnapped young Katie.

Lily Tucker’s life is torn apart when the man she loves is almost killed by her own family. When her daughter is kidnapped and held for ransom, Lily’s worst nightmare comes to life. She and the women of Gibbs City come together in a race against time to find Katie while the local sheriff and Elliot go after the men who have taken her daughter. 

Can a town come together to find one of their own or will greed and treachery end the life of a small child?

Episode Five:

Lily Tucker-Givens is shocked when she walks into the lobby of the hotel she owns and finds a ghost from her past standing in it. Confused and torn, Lily’s life once again feels as if it is collapsing around her when she discovers her deceased husband, Randy, isn’t dead after all. Randy’s return threatens to tear her life with Elliot apart, especially after she discovers the reason Elliot had come to the hotel in the first place.

Elliot Givens is shocked and weighted down with guilt when he discovers that his best friend was not killed during the war. He reluctantly gives Lily the envelope he has carried, unaware that the letter inside is not a love letter, but something far different. 

Lily soon discovers that her former husband isn’t the man she thought she knew or loved. Torn between the man of her past and the one for her future, Lily must decide which path she will take.

Can Lily overcome the pain of her past to reach out for a new life in Gibbs City or will the past rip her hope for a new life away from her?

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