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Aarman had a childhood crush on Aakansha, a classmate from the school. He loved her madly but Aakansha didn't. He again fell in love with Sonia, who played with his emotions and dumped him. He now didn't believe in love anymore and an affair for him was for fun without any commitment. Had affair with Anupama who turned out to be a high society girl, but he was non-committal, he wasn't hurt. Few years later he had a fling on Silvia who visited for an internship in the company he worked. He established physical relationship with her but ditched her when she asked for commitment. He soon got married and had a great sex life that anybody would vouch for. Some ten years later being a complete family man, he came in contact with Aakansha, his childhood crush, on the social media. He decides to meet her in person and flies to Pune, where she now lived after her second marriage following death of her first husband due to carcinoma. On the day before he left Pune, Aarman and Aakansha got intimate and had sex for the first time. Now things changed, Aakansha was in love with him. They again met and stayed together for 3 days in a hotel in Patna, where they grew up.

Love was in the air. But question was, whether Aakansha really loved Aarman? Aarman knew she didn't. Aakansha only loved and missed her first husband. Probably she found her first husband in him. One day it revealed from archived marriage photo of Aakansha that Aarman was a look-alike of her first husband!!.

Aakansha woke up and found no traces of Aarman anywhere on earth, be it Facebook or WhatsApp. There was no profile of him anywhere. Where has he disappeared? Aakansha had a copy of the manuscript which Aarman wrote on his life and love with Aakansha. She was puzzled. She knew minutest details of him, but in reality he was no where. Aakansha tries to unravel the mystery herself and starts her search for Aarman, starting from places they had been to together. What she found in the end is the crux of the story.

Excerpts of the novel under editorial reviews. 

31 december

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