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Lucia Jordan is proud to release a new outstanding collection; Four Series Collection Volume 6 containing four of her Bestselling Series. 

Echoes Of Passion

Katie Stevens is going through a disastrously long spell of bad luck. She just got laid off, and her personal life is an eternal mess of wrong choices. Notoriously, she always attracts the wrong kind of men. On an early Saturday morning, a couple in the next booth catches her attention. She is blinded by the man’s curious, penetrating stare. He’s with a woman who talks to him reverently – as if he is her Master. Despite her reservations, she is captivated, only until he shows up at her apartment. Stalker! She instantly blurts in her brain, but the man has a brazen proposition that she cannot turn down. 

Belonging To You

Charlotte Wells is an employee of the advertising firm Thayer-Kite, and she’s about to land a promising chain of coffee shops. Her boss, Martin Thayer, pairs her with Drew Foster to make the final pitch. Drew is gorgeous, but Charlotte doesn’t appreciate his presence. After a tense trip via train, they make their meeting. Charlotte stumbles in the face of a rival’s offer, but Drew manages to save the account. Charlotte is elated, and all the desire that she’s been suppressing boils over as they return to her hotel room. They share an intense night, and Charlotte is already longing for more as they head back to New York. What waits for her in New York is something so unexpected, it will change everything as Charlotte is caught up in a web of power and desire. 

Dark Desires

Cara’s husband Stan cheated on her with Jenna two years ago, but they still tried to make their marriage work. Now he wants her to try sex therapy to get their relationship back on track. Cara’s never enjoyed sex much and decides to try the therapy once. She’s happily surprised at seeing sexy Dr. Joshua Sinclair in his office waiting room and once they are alone in his office things heat up for Cara as they never have in her entire life. 

Trusting In Me

Katrina Morgan is the daughter of world famous ballerina, Liddy Morgan. After losing her mother during a tragic dancing accident, Kat sunk into a state of depression that jeopardized her own dancing dreams. But a decade later, Kat is determined not to allow the only real pleasure she has ever known to slip through her grasp. Leaving behind the comforts of her small town, Kat sets out to join the prominent School of American Ballet in New York City. There, Kat quickly discovers that dancing in the shadow of her late mother isn’t an easy journey, and soon she takes the first steps in redefining true love and passion. 

This ebook contains very hot descriptions of romantic activity, submissive themes, BDSM, rough sex and lots of hot Alpha-Males. Only mature readers should download this book.

9 april

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