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In celebration of the book s 25 year anniversary, bestselling author and success coach Richard Bliss Brooke has completely reinvented Mach2 to bring its principles to life in greater clarity and detail for you.

Rewrite the Story of Your Life:How many times have you replayed the disappointing or hurtful moments from your life over and over in your head? Has it shaped who you are? Do you believe your own negative self-chatter? Do you think success is only for the lucky, educated or connected? Do you long for something you believe you ll never have? If there's one book that will shift that for you, this is it.

Mach2: The Art of Vision and Self-Motivation by Richard Bliss Brooke, who went from Chicken Chopper to CEO to Multimillionaire, is for anyone who wants to fall in love with the pursuit of his or her dreams. It can help you rewrite the story of your life with powerful results.

Richard will coach you through the secret that every successful person shares. Best of all, he'll teach YOU how to think like a successful person and create a Vision a mindset and expectation that serves your core values and life purpose.

Break Through to the Real You:

Uncover the four greatest lies of success

Exercises to help you create your Vision

Discover how to act powerfully and attract powerfully

Daily ways to make your Vision vivid, clear and powerfully imprinted

Step-by-step guide on how to break through your self-imposed limitations and program your subconscious mind to expect success

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