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I present to you the hidden art and science of strategic leadership and Influence.

Tags: Strategy. Leadership. Business. Politics. Activism. Relationship. Personal Development. Mastery

For anyone who desires to build a life of success for himself in business, religion and politics, I present to you the masters’ secret.

In this manual I have shown you how to re-invent yourself, build your tribe, convert the quality of your tribe to more power and influence in the community and how to establish your empire.

I present you with the lost code of influence. I present to you Mafia-Bible™ – Ideology. Finally you can build an empire like kings and reign like gods.

This book contains Ten Chapters. Here is the Table of Contents of this highly anticipated TOOL of DESTINY, MASTERY, INFLUENCE, LEADERSHIP AND STRATEGY.

Chapter 1. The Masters
Chapter 2. Ideology
Chapter 3. The Economy of Tribal Power
Chapter 4. Instituting your Empire
Chapter 5. Tribeology I (The Science of Raising a Dedicated Army)
Chapter 6. Tribeology II (Mastering The Art of Human Nature)
Chapter 7. Tribeology III (Consolidating and Expanding Your Tribal Empire)
Chapter 8. Selling your Ideology (How The Masters Profit from Ideoprise)
Chapter 9. The Ultimate Alchemy (The Art of Becoming Who You Were Born To Be)
Chapter 10. The Answer (Govern The Soul, Dominate The body)

This is the greatest opportunity you have chosen to seize in 2014. Every dime (in Naira or Dollars) you pay for this and more is your COMMITMENT to become who you were born to be. Don’t let your mortal limitations hold you back. Don’t let the Doubter whisper to you.

You must not be left out. You must rise to the occasion of DESTINY.

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