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The consummate motivational playbook on how to think big and dream bigger, by the founders of the renowned Summit leadership series.

In 2008, with no event production experience and two college degrees among the four of them, Elliott Bisnow, Jeff Rosenthal, Brett Leve, and Jeremy Schwartz became business partners and set out on a dream to build a global events company, which became Summit. With passion and tenacity, they began cold-calling as many inspiring company founders as they could to try to convince them to attend their first event. Only nineteen people said yes.

Since then, they have grown Summit into a global community with events all over the world, hosting luminaries including Jeff Bezos, Richard Branson, Jessica Alba, Shonda Rhimes, Brené Brown, and Al Gore. And, in 2013, the Summit founders acquired the largest ski resort in the United States—Powder Mountain—where they are building a mountaintop town, filled with events and programming 365 days a year.

In Make No Small Plans, they reveal the experiences that would become the cornerstone lessons from their journey, along with teachings from some of the most inspiring entrepreneurs of our time.

Make No Small Plans illuminates the empowering concept that anyone can think big, and when thinking big is combined with humility, a thirst for knowledge, and a great team, we can all accomplish the improbable.

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