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Make Wise Decisions

by Prof. Shrikant Prasoon And Vishal Bhandari

We, as Indians, just have not realised the wisdom of our traditional stories – they were used by teachers to transform boys into men. Today, we typically refer to these tales, rather patronisingly, as children's tales, and never look beyond its entertainment value. 

This is what exactly happens with the tales of Vikramaditya-Betal. For us the tales of Vikramaditya-Betal simply are twenty-five stories in which the King Vikramaditya tries to capture and hold on to a vampire (Betal) that tells a puzzling tale and ends it with a question for the king. But on second thought, we realise that the structure of the tales clearly follows the case study method of teaching management. Management students who try to solve the company's problem are doing exactly what the Betal is asking Vikramaditya to do – solve the puzzle, answer the riddle, prove that he is worthy of being a king.

Make Wise Decisions – King Vikramaditya Way is an effort in the direction which will reveal the immense wisdom one can garner through these stories and transform into leaders as good as King Vikramaditya, if not better.

About the Author:-

Conspiracy, deceit, plotting to topple an Emperor, or scheming the collapse of an Empire are expected possibilities that an Emperor could face. However, his skills are proven when he is able to avert such advances on him or the kingdom.

Very few would know that Vikramaditya’s meeting Betal was a part of a plan to murder Vikramaditya. Little did Vikramaditya realise at the advent that he had assured to help a person who had over the years plotted Vikramaditya’s doom, patiently.

Although the following twenty-four stories do not even hint at the conspiracy, but this note would connect with the final pages of the book wherein Betal reveals the conspiracy to Vikramaditya and read further to know how Vikramaditya evaded death.

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26 april
Pustak Mahal

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