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Successful senior living doesnt just happen by itself. Retirement needs a plan and key information to make these rich years happy and healthy ones. This book is intended to help retirees prepare for the aging process and to plan to make good decisions about each of the challenges to age well. Our senior life can be the golden years, but healthy living comes when we make responsible life choices. This book is intended to be a guide to make that happen in your life. It is filled with positive suggestions and clues to help you decide to live a wellness lifestyle in your retirement years.

This book is built on the concept that we all need to be better decision-makers about the quality of our life as we age. It is based on the assumption as well that we do make self-destructive choices, which can harm our health (i.e., obesity). The message of the book is focused on our need to establish a pattern of making responsible life choices. The content of this resource is full of positive suggestions to accomplish that goal. It is a helpful guide for a successful retirement, but it needs to be read by all adults regardless of age so they are better prepared for living a healthy lifestyle in their golden years. The author also suggests that all of us could benefit enormously if we could gather in community throughout our country to discuss how we can make better choices on these important decisions for our future.

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