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Managing Thought is to this century what How to Win Friends and Influence People and 7 Habits of Highly Effective People were to the last century.”—Barbara G. Stanbridge, change management expert and former president of the National Association of Women Business Owners

“A must-read.”

—Howard Putnam, former CEO of Southwest Airlines and author of The Winds of Turbulence

WINNER of two Nautilus Awards, the Eric Hoffer Award, the Axiom Business Book Award, and two USA Book News National Best Book Awards

Managing Thought teaches us how to actually manage our thoughts to be creative, inspired, and impactful in all we do.”

—Gordon Krater, CPA, managing partner of Plante & Moran

Hailed by business leaders from coast to coast, Mary Lore’s multiple-award-winning guide not only changes the way you think about success—it changes the way you think, period. With a groundbreaking approach to harnessing mental power, Managing Thought turns “positive thinking” into practical actions, so you can:

RETHINK your path to success

REFOCUS your goals and priorities

REFRAME your negative thoughts

REIGNITE your creativity

REVITALIZE your energyRESTORE your sense of purpose

RECLAIM your peace of mind

Lore’s proven process includes dozens of eye-opening and energizing self-awareness exercises, , targeted thought techniques, and real-world applications to help you shift your perspective on your career, your relationships, and your life. Whatever you think, you can achieve. It’s all in your mind…

Everything you do begins with a thought. From making small day-to-day decisions, to changing company-wide strategies, to plotting a lifelong career path—the way you think determines the way you live.

When you manage your thoughts, you manage your life.

That’s the simple and revolutionary premise of Mary Lore’s award-winning book. Managing Thought goes beyond other “positive thinking” books by offering a practical, systematic, step-by-step approach to thought management. These proven techniques help you :

* Identify your goals and focus on ways to achieve them.

* Eliminate thoughts that waste time, energy, and money.

* Turn positive thinking into positive action.

* Balance professional success and personal fulfillment.

* Find true peace of mind in everything you do.

The best thing about this powerful thought management system is: you can apply it to all aspects of your life. You can conquer your greatest fears and self-doubts, deal with difficult people and situations, face the toughest challenges head-on, and inspire yourself to achieve new levels of success you never thought possible.

Ralph Waldo Emerson once said, “Great men are they who see… that thoughts rule the world.” With Managing Thought, the world is yours. Mary J. Lore is the founder and CEO of Managing Thought, LLC. An internationally recognized leader, public speaker, and executive mentor, Mary has worked with corporate leaders throughout North America and Europe. She earned a BBA in finance, with a minor in philosophy, and serves as a chair and expert resource for TEC, also known as Vistage International, the world's preeminent organization for the personal and professional development of CEOs. She writes a popular blog and e-column, conducts public and corporate workshops, and can be reached at www.managingthought.com.

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