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As the volume of marine big data has increased dramatically, one of the main concerns is how to fully exploit the value of such data in the development of marine economy and marine science and technology.

The book covers data acquisition, feature classification, processing and applications of marine big data in evaluation and decision-making, using case studies such as storm surge and marine oil spill disaster.
Contents: Historical Evolution of Marine DataAcquisition and Characteristics of Marine Big DataClassification of Marine Big DataResearch on the Key Technologies of Marine Big Data ApplicationApplication of Marine Big Data in the Shanghai Storm Surge Disaster Assistant Decision-Making SystemMonitoring of Ocean Oil Spills Based on Marine Remote Sensing Big DataThe Application of Marine Big Data to Sea Ice Classification with Deep LearningFuture Development Trends in Ocean Big Data
Readership: This book is intended for researchers and practitioners as it covers real-world applications of the technologies in marine big data. Marine Big Data;Key Technologies;Applications of Marine Big Data;Evolution of Marine Data0Key Features:This book not only introduces the technologies in the marine big data field but also provides real applications to demonstrate the use of marine big data and the technologies to solve important marine problemsThe major content of this book comes from the research outcomes of the authors and their team. It is valuable for other researchers in the related fieldsThis book is the first comprehensive coverage on the concept of marine big data, the technologies of processing and analyzing the marine big data, and the applications using marine big data

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