Mastering JavaScript Functional Programming

Write clean, robust, and maintainable web and server code using functional JavaScript, 2nd Edition

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Explore the functional programming paradigm and the different techniques for developing better algorithms, writing more concise code, and performing seamless testing

Key Features
Explore this second edition updated to cover features like async functions and transducers, as well as functional reactive programmingEnhance your functional programming (FP) skills to build web and server apps using JavaScriptUse FP to enhance the modularity, reusability, and performance of apps
Book Description

Functional programming is a paradigm for developing software with better performance. It helps you write concise and testable code. To help you take your programming skills to the next level, this comprehensive book will assist you in harnessing the capabilities of functional programming with JavaScript and writing highly maintainable and testable web and server apps using functional JavaScript.

This second edition is updated and improved to cover features such as transducers, lenses, prisms and various other concepts to help you write efficient programs. By focusing on functional programming, you’ll not only start to write but also to test pure functions, and reduce side effects. The book also specifically allows you to discover techniques for simplifying code and applying recursion for loopless coding. Gradually, you’ll understand how to achieve immutability, implement design patterns, and work with data types for your application, before going on to learn functional reactive programming to handle complex events in your app. Finally, the book will take you through the design patterns that are relevant to functional programming.

By the end of this book, you’ll have developed your JavaScript skills and have gained knowledge of the essential functional programming techniques to program effectively.

What you will learn
Simplify JavaScript coding using function composition, pipelining, chaining, and transducingUse declarative coding as opposed to imperative coding to write clean JavaScript codeCreate more reliable code with closures and immutable dataApply practical solutions to complex programming problems using recursionImprove your functional code using data types, type checking, and immutabilityUnderstand advanced functional programming concepts such as lenses and prisms for data access
Who this book is for

This book is for JavaScript developers who want to enhance their programming skills and build efficient web applications. Frontend and backend developers who use various JavaScript frameworks and libraries like React, Angular, or Node.js will also find the book helpful. Working knowledge of ES2019 is required to grasp the concepts covered in the book easily.
FEDERICO KEREKI Federico Kereki is a Uruguayan Systems Engineer, with a Master's degree in Education, and more than 30 years of experience as a consultant, system developer, university professor, and writer. He is currently a Subject Matter Expert at Globant, where he gets to use a good mixture of development frameworks, programming tools, and operating systems, such as JavaScript, Node.JS, React and Redux, Vue, SOA, Containers, with both Windows and Linux.He has taught several computer science courses at Universidad de la República, Universidad ORT Uruguay, and Universidad de la Empresa. He has also written texts for these courses. He has written several articles--on JavaScript, web development, and open source topics-- for magazines such as Linux Journal and LinuxPro Magazine in the United States, Linux+ and Mundo Linux in Europe, and for websites such as and IBM DeveloperWorks. He has done technical reviews for several books (for Packt), and he also wrote booklets on computer security (Linux in the Time of Malware and SSH: A Modern Lock for your Server), and two books: Essential GWT: Building for the Web with Google Web Toolkit, and Modern JavaScript Web Development Cookbook (for Packt). Kereki has given talks on Functional Programming with JavaScript in public conferences (such as JSCONF 2016 or Development Week Santiago 2019) and has used these techniques to develop internet systems for businesses in Uruguay and abroad. His current interests tend toward software quality and software engineering--with Agile Methodologies topmost--while on the practical side, he works with diverse languages, tools and frameworks, and Open Source Software (FLOSS) wherever possible! He resides, works, and teaches in Uruguay, but he wrote the first edition of this book while working in India.

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