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Marie's seen the news reports about the abductions of lactating women. But the last thing she suspected was aliens! When she's taken to their compound, she finds out that they want breast milk... and they have some really kinky methods of getting it!This story contains some F/F content.EXCERPT from this story:“Are you ready to begin?” the alien asked, bringing her out of her thoughts.Marie blinked. “I... I don't know.” She looked around the room once more. “Everyone will... see me.”He smiled. “None of the women will be paying any attention. They're all lost in their own worlds.”Marie realized it was true. None of the women being milked had looked at them once. They all appeared to be in a deep state of pleasure. Marie realized that she had no choice. It was either let them milk her or go back to her cell. And what was the harm? None of the women seemed to mind. She turned to the alien and forced herself to smile. “Alright. Let's do it.”Her guide led her over to a milking station, and indicated that she should get undressed. A woman was being milked to the left of her, and she watched in fascination as the milk flowed down the tubes from her breasts. She looked at the woman's face. She was surprised to see the woman's mouth forming words. She leaned closer and could hear her whispering, “Oh yeah! That's so good!”She quickly stood, embarrassed to have invaded the woman's privacy. She took off the rest of her clothes. The alien indicated to her how she should mount the machine. She laid down on top of it, her breasts hanging below her. The alien used his tentacles to bring the plastic domes to her breasts. He placed one over her breast, and she gave a gasp as it tightened on her boob. He did the same thing to her other breast, then stood behind her. She could hear him flicking switches and could feel the machine humming beneath her body.“Are you going to... f**k me?” she asked.

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