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Welcome to MONTH 2 of Mistress Bella's year long sissy transformation course. Over the course of the next 12 months you will learn to be the proper little sissy boi you have only dreamed about previously. This course goes in depth into how to completely transform yourself into a full fledged sissy over the course of only one year. Following these daily assignments to the letter will provide you with the confidence you need to be who you really are.

Over the next year this course will allow you to experience the transformation into you femmedom. Completing these male to female transformation assignments will help you become the proper little sissy boi that both you and your Mistress/ Master desires, through these step by step tasks.

This course was designed to help you push your boundaries further than you ever have before and improve your sissy skill set. Some are informative and help you physically become more feminine in your mannerisms, voice and walking skills and some are made to help you mentally break the stereotypes so that you can move forward as a real sissy boi. Mistress Bella wants you to be able to transform yourself over the course of the next year. With her specialized course, and lots of practice patience and perseverance, you should have no problem removing the masculine layer of yourself and tapping into your inner woman.

After the completion of this sissy transformation course you should be able have all the assets, knowledge and confidence you need to be a full time woman. Mistress Bella requires that you dig deep into yourself and push your limits as far as you can to achieve your goals. She is hard on her sissy boi's and demands a lot but that is only because she believes in them so much. Mistress Bella knows if you work hard and really want it, you can accomplish anything.

You may find some of these tasks more difficult than others. Remember it is important to always push your boundaries to move forward in your sissy training. At first you may find some of these sissy assignments challenging and even humiliating but you must remember that Mistress Bella only wishes to help you become who you truly are. All of these assignments are especially arranged and compiled to help you reach your end goal.

Your daily sissy assignments will range from humiliation tasks, sissy maid cleaning tasks, sissy shopping tasks, voice training assignments, makeup application, chastity training, and will even touch lightly on subjects such as period training.

Whether you are a beginner sissy or a full time sissy boi that wants to brush up on her skills this year long sissy transformation is the challenge you need.

A note from Mistress Bella:

I am a trained Dominatrix that specializes in helping sissy boi's just like yourself in their transformation into sissydom. Over the years I have refined the art of feminizing men into this specialized course. After much experimentation with training sissy boi's all over the world I have found that sissy training exercises have had the most success. Sissy training assignments are a fun way for both you and your Mistress/Master to ingrain the sissy process into your mind so that you can become a true sissy both physically as well as in your heart and mind.

That is why I, Mistress Bella decided to compile this year long sissy transformation course. This is a step by step blueprint designed by me over years of training. By implementing the 365 day to day assignments into your schedule you will experience the benefits of becoming a full fledged sissy boi slowly over time. The year long daily challenge can be difficult for any sissy out there but if you put your head down and complete it the benefits are amazing. This 365 day system has already changed the lives of a tremendous amount of sissy boi's all over the world and you can be next.

I wish you all the best on your journey to femmedom.

Mistress Bella

15 september
Bella Stringer

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