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Want to live‭, ‬work‭, ‬and play without pain‭?‬

Every person deserves the knowledge needed to treat their own body restrictions and pain. As a soft tissue expert, I want to give you the tools to identify, isolate, and treat myofascial problems—before they escalate out of control. That’s why I created a step-by-step blueprint that shows you exactly how to determine where your soft tissues are compromised, to feel and visualize your precise anatomy regardless of experience, to thoroughly treat your own tissues, and—most importantly—to actually improve your body’s performance in life and sport!

Myofascial pain syndromes and symptoms are a burden on active lifestyles‭. ‬Using the body in a repetitive manner‭, ‬whether in the‭ ‬gym or at work‭, ‬will inevitably create myofascial problems‭. ‬The muscles become‭ ‬“webbed up”‭ ‬and restricted‭, ‬at which point they can’t heal with time and stretching‭.‬

Chapter One will teach you‭ ‬why‭ ‬mobilization is an essential piece to keeping‭ ‬tissues moving freely‭. ‬Chapter Two will teach you the key to staying pain-free in the lower back and the knees‭, ‬including every‭ ‬protocol you need to know‭. ‬Chapter Three will teach you special techniques that will have a more profound effect on larger muscle groups‭. ‬Chapters Four‭, ‬Five‭, ‬and Six will teach you everything you need to know about creating and maintaining healthy shoulder rotation‭; ‬from treating rotator cuffs‭, ‬to assessing and improving shoulder balance‭, ‬to gaining serious overhead mobility—IT’S EVERYTHING YOU NEED TO DO IT YOURSELF‭!‬

Plus‭, ‬I’ve included 3‭ ‬special bonuses‭:‬‭ ‬1‭) ‬An appendix of 21‭ ‬functional tests to assess yourself for functional compromise‭, ‬2‭) ‬A collection of pain‭ ‬patterns for every muscle you learn to treat‭, ‬and 3‭) ‬A compiled list of all overuse movements and what muscles they compromise‭!‬

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