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What happens when you have too much alcohol at your best friend’s party?

Unfortunately, a night you can never forget.

With a great job, an awesome family, and great friends, Chloe Slater’s life feels pretty snazzy if she does say so, herself. The only dark cloud over her rather happy life is the unrequited love she harbors for her best friend, Callum. She’s been in love with him since the moment she understood what real love was. Growing up, he’d been her best friend and the man she secretly hoped to marry, one day.

When Callum graduates from law school, their families throw a party to celebrate. Fortunately-or unfortunately, depending on who you ask-Callum and Chloe can hold their alcohol better than their lightweight siblings. So, while everyone else is passed out, Chloe finds all her dreams coming true when Callum finally makes a move, ending in a night of everything she’s always fantasized.

With a promising career, an awesome family, and great friends, Callum Rosewood couldn’t ask for a better life. He was so confident in life that even his future was mapped out perfectly. Already working for one of the best law firms in the state, his plan was to make his best friend, Chloe, dump whatever shmuck she was dating, marry her, have three kids, then live happily ever after.

When he and Chloe get stupid drunk the night of his graduation party, he isn’t too concerned that they ended up in bed together. After all, it wasn’t like he hasn’t been in love with her all his life. As far as he was concerned, she was going to be his wife anyway. Having been best friends all their lives, what could possibly go wrong?

When alcohol leaves a lasting impression…
After Chloe forces herself to pee on that godforsaken little stick, she swears she’ll never drink another drop of alcohol for the rest of her life (which turns out to be a lie, by the way). Avoiding Callum like the plague, she tries to figure out what she’s going to do, but she finally caves and tells him the truth.

After Callum finds out that Chloe’s pregnant as a result of their drunken night together, to say he’s pissed would be a great understatement. However, refusing to ruin their parents’ friendship, become a weekend father, entertain the thought of an abortion or adoption, there’s only one thing left to do.

With Callum believing that Chloe got pregnant on purpose, what with her failing to mention she wasn’t on birth control and all, being married to her ex-best friend is turning out to be the worse than the mistake of sleeping with him. However, just when they think things can’t get any worse…they do.

Word to the wise, my friends, if you're going to have a drunken one-night stand, don't have it with your best friend.

NOTE: This book contains adult language, adult situations, and explicit sexual encounters. If sensitive to any of the aforementioned issues, please do not purchase.

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M.E. Clayton

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