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Gay Jock and Nerd Romance Bundle

Can an übergeek and an überjock find happiness in a world that says they don’t belong together?

My Gay Geek Crush

Campus geek Clark has a mad crush on star baseball player Trent. It’s hopeless, because Trent is straight... but Clark still takes every chance he can to spend time with his best friend. 

When Trent wants to improve his hitting, Clark invents an algorithm and robot coaching arm to help him out. But then someone steals Clark’s laptop and outs his crush to the whole campus. Will it spell the end of their friendship, or will Trent surprise everyone -- including himself?

My Gay Geek Engagement

When Trent and Clark go to Texas to visit Trent’s family and announce their engagement, it’s no surprise that Trent’s father isn’t happy about their relationship. What they don’t expect is for an ex-girlfriend of Trent’s to slap him with a paternity suit.

Between the ex and the dad, things aren’t looking good. Can Clark use his analytical skills to find a solution, or will he and Trent have to forfeit their plans for a happy future together?

My Gay Geek Wedding

With their wedding on the horizon, Clark’s newest project -- designing a self-driving car -- is taking up most of his time. The more dinners Trent eats alone, the more he starts to wonder how committed Clark is to their relationship.

Then an injury threatens Trent’s pro baseball career, and he starts to feel like more of a burden than a partner. Can Clark get his head out of the geek clouds long enough to persuade Trent he’s serious about getting married, or will their relationship hit the skids before they make it to the altar?

4 september
Tabatha Christi

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