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Play & Learn - The best way to use this education book full of stunning illustrations for kids. If you want to teach your kids something important, something new, you should choose this education book for kids from Suzy Makó. Teach the kids main concepts - alphabet, numbers, first counting, the first colors, or shapes. Learning through play is best. In the illustrated book, you will find a cute animal alphabet or an explanation of the basic shapes that children should know. Numbers & first counting is illustrated by nice images that kids will love.The education book is fully illustrated with beautiful pictures, for even easier memorization of what has been learned. Just Play, and Learn kids something new. As a bonus, at the end of each chapter, you can find super education games for kids. This educational-entertaining book is suitable for children of all ages who want to learn and educate. Of course, the book is most suitable for little kids in pre-school age. Education games at the end of the book, and the whole content, were created in cooperation with teacher with years of experience. Enjoy education with your kids in way Play & Learn.The educational book is also suitable for parents who want to entertain children or for babysitters who take care of our kids. Choose this unique illustrated book to help your child understand the basics concepts and jump into the world of learning. At the end of each chapter, you will find educational games to help your child memorize everything the book has learned. Learn your kids these main concepts, through this book:- Alphabet- Numbers & First Counting- Colors- Shapes

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1 juli
Suzy Makó

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