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Mythopoetic is a collection of poetry and prose charting the antics of an adventurous young British actor, artist and wannabe fairground roustabout trying to make sense of life and love in North America- with some diversions in London, Paris and, strangely, Dalmatia.

Along the way love and money is lost, gained and hoped for in a maelstrom of desert heat, city rain, amateur drug dealing, dodgy designer swimwear selling and porn star egos.

The included works vary in length from short to not so short to the brink of epic and back again. The style is contemporary, conversational, confessional free verse with some wry humour deep in the mix.

So why not step inside and share tales of…

Angst in the US mid-west when a numbed dalliance with amateur drug running leads to the death of a potential lover…

Being down and out in Brooklyn making ends meet hustling and carousing and dreaming of a move down the coast to where the wild horse run…

Working and drinking in London’s plush West End whilst living seedily south of the river-selling art in the hurricane’s eye of pretension and trying to think with your head rather than loins but- of course- failing spectacularly...

Providing remedies for inflated egos in the southern California sun and finding out the hard way [again] love cannot be found in artifice…

Trying to make mescaline-sense and shape of reality whilst careering through the Nevada desert with two fellow, similarly confused narconauts…

Nursing the wreckage of a relationship in the unknowing tranquillity of the Balkans before war breaks out…

Dancing through the back streets of Paris where New Worlders meet the Old World in a collision of cultural confusion where musings on love lost glow with tarnished hope and the aching wonder of whether it may be found again, perhaps just down that Parisian street...

This collection is ideal for a jolt of lively prose and humour, shot through with a world-weariness earned well before it’s time. See the world through the jaded eyes of someone trying to survive and find fun and love without compromise in lands well outside of any emotional comfort zone. An ideal accompaniment to an Americano and Danish in any coffee shop of your choice.

Ben Brinkburn is a British writer and poet and this is one of three poetry collections currently available. Check out his Author Central profile to find links to his website and blog. Find out more about this particular book at

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