Nameless Soldiers

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E.N. Clay’s debut novel NAMELESS SOLDIERS is a page-turning romantic thriller merging the physical and spiritual worlds in the most unexpected course of events.

Ali, a regular student and a skilled hacker, wakes up one night after yet another powerful disturbing dream. He is a member of the NSI, a group of believers preparing for the End of Times. Ali's dream spurs him to alter the world's military scene by undertaking a perilous hacking operation that no one has ever pulled off. Hidden from the mundane eye, evil forces of Djinn and their allies try to stop him and the NSI.

As Ali attempts to execute Operation Griffin, Nora - the girl harassed at school for her edgy hijab, and the mystical Layla - who hints at his dreams with her poems, emotionally distracts him. Will Ali make it in time before the security agency catches him? Will his dreams set their effect on the world? Or will the Dark Forces succeed with their demonic plot?

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11 februari
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Rapidstorm ,

Much recommended!

Novel-form inspiration in how to raise your everyday life by mixing and combining work, wishes, religion etc to serve a higher purpose, pure and real love.
All in all a must-read which was impossible to put down until the very end. Cant wait to see what’s next from this writer.

codenea ,


Read it in one go! Thrilling story, with nice accurate details of the tech and hack (it made sense and sounded realistic), bits of highly variating poetry that was pleasent to read, a good portion of spiritual insight. And, it was actually refreshing to get the point-of-view from a Muslim protagonist for once. I look forward to the next book in the series.

Matemaikälskare ,

A thrilling adventure

The story gives good spritual insights with simple explanations. Which makes it both a book of adventure and reflections on our circumstances in our current time. In addtion, the main character´s personality combines the religious aspect and the scientifical as well, which makes him very flexible and brave in the story. I´m actually looking forward to the release of the coming book :D

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