Natasha's Submission (The Billionaire's Desire Part 1‪)‬

Billionaire BDSM Erotic Romance

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When Natasha meets a charming stranger at the social event of the year, she has no idea he's the head of a major company. But when they're alone, will he want too much from her, or will she give in to her desires? 

Warning: this 4500 word story contains oral sex, spanking, orgasm denial explicit sex and one sexy billionaire!

~~ The following excerpt is for 18+ readers ONLY!! ~~

As the diners started slowly pouring out, Natasha got up to join them. She thanked Scott again for bringing her in with him. He waved it off with a quick hand gesture. Just when Natasha thought she probably wouldn’t see him again, he leaned down close and whispered into her ear “Meet me in the member’s lounge in twenty minutes” and gave her ass a quick squeeze. 

Natasha blushed. She turned around, but he was gone. She knew she shouldn’t do it. She knew she was married and she knew that every single cell in her brain was telling her this was a terrible idea.

But at the same time, there was something about him, something about Scott that intrigued Natasha. 

Nineteen minutes later, Natasha had found her way into the member’s lounge. It was dark in the room and she couldn’t find a switch. Light from the full moon outside gave the room a light, blue glow as it streamed through the floor to ceiling windows overlooking the beautifully manicured golf course. 

Leather couches lined the walls, as well as a few tables where members would presumably sit and have a drink after a round of golf. 

Suddenly, Natasha heard a noise coming from the doorway. She spun around and saw Scott standing in front of her, smiling. 

“I knew you’d come” he told her. 

“I shouldn’t be here, I know I shouldn’t” came her reply. She practically whispered it. 

Scott didn’t waste any time. He moved over to Natasha and wrapped his hands around her waist. For the second time that night, he leaned in deep and kissed her. This time, rather than fighting back, Natasha leaned into the kiss; she could feel goose bumps of anticipation and excitement forming on her skin. 

After a moment, Scott suddenly pulled back away from her. “I want you to take off your dress” he told her. 

Natasha hesitated. Take off my dress? Here? Now? she thought. She looked up at Scott, who waited expectantly to see what she would do.

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Sensations Publishing

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