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Neuroanatomy is study of the anatomy and functions of the human nervous system. The Neuroanatomy Study Brief provides students and practitioners with a concise, conceptual overview of the subject matter, focusing on the fundamentals needed to move on to advanced studies in human biology, applied science, nursing, and medical fields. This is the ideal quick reference resource offering quick access to definitions of key terms and simple explanations of foundational principles that are supported by instructive examples and clarifying visuals. In an organized, easy-to-follow format, this Study Brief offers a clear, understandable summary of major topics in neuroanatomy, including overall nervous system functions and specific cells of the nervous system. Areas outlined in detail include: the central nervous system, spinal nerves, the brain, cranial nerves, the peripheral nervous system, the autonomic nervous system, and the somatic nervous system. Other topics covered include: electric signals, ion channels, synapses, reflexes, and control of skeletal muscles, Special sections discuss, neuronal pathways (olfaction, hearing, vision, the effects of aging and injury on the nervous system and nerve fiber regeneration. Study Briefs are concise and visual academic outlines that help students and professionals master key concepts quickly and accurately. Don’t spend your valuable time researching on multiple websites, paging through books or investigating reference sources. Our experts have done the research for you! Compiled in one convenient guide, you will find up-to-date and reliable sources presented in a visual and easy to follow format for everyday use. Choose from our ever-growing library of need-to-know topics in the following subject categories: Business, Math, Reference, Science, Language, History and Technology!

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