Nine Moonless Nights Nine Moonless Nights

Nine Moonless Nights

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The siren’s song entices Theron and his ears find the notes overwhelming, a potent invitation to take what is forbidden. A carnal, explicit story which tells the tale of a wanton girl and the lengths she’ll go to learn the ways of a woman at Theron’s hands. Loosely based on Ovid’s Myrrha, this explicit story has been adapted to conform to current censorship rules. A taboo version of this tale is available at some retailers and at the author’s website under the title: Nine Days and Nine Nights.
Warning: An erotic short story is unsuitable for readers under the age of 18.

~~~~~ Excerpt ~~~~~

Myrrine’s heart was pierced by Cupid’s dart, and yet, when the god of carnal love discovered the arrow’s mark, he disowned it.

“I do not know what torches kindled the flames in her body, but they are not mine,” he said.

“I will wager that one of Hell’s three horrible sisters have brought a firebrand and armfuls of serpents. Their venom has taken possession of Myrrine. It is not my doing. It is nothing of mine.”

The girl was sought after by many men wishing to marry her, but she was not interested in anyone. They came from miles away, some even came from other countries, men arrived alone or in pairs, rivals for her affection, brought together by universal rejection.

“Myrrine, you must choose,” urged the girl’s nurse. “Choose from all these men who have come begging for your hand in marriage.”

“Nurse, I cannot make a choice, my heart will not let me rest. A serpent twists around it. A stirring secret worms its way into my breast. I have a craving so strong that I am molten. Wet. Oh, what is happening to me? Help me… Help me kill this serpent of lechery. Let me be spared the longing. Do not permit this cruel desire.”

“I cannot help you,” said the nurse, “but I shall send for a woman who knows the ways of men and women. If she cannot advise you, you must turn away from this craving of your own accord. You must choose a husband from one of your suitors, you are in your eighteenth year and it is time to leave the comfort of your protectors and go forward into a new world. For all creatures, it is natural. When a dog mounts a bitch, neither feels shame. It is not a sin. No delicate distinctions deter them. They may mate where they can.”

“How lucky they are, those innocents, living with such liberties. This yearning is my wedding present. I would have Theron for my own.”

“Hush, girl. You must not let your hopes run so freely.”

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