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Sammy turned, deciding it was time to leave. “Well, it was nice seeing you again, John. Thanks for the beer, but I think I’d better go.” She set her bottle of beer down on the counter while a brief thought crossed her mind that she was running away. “Maybe we’ll see each other again before I leave.” She tried to sound nonchalant but was painfully aware her tone was a little too rushed, a little too shaky.

She heard John put his bottle down on the countertop behind her and instinctively picked up speed, sensing he might try to stop her. But that was silly, wasn’t it? She wanted him, not the other way around. He couldn’t possibly know the turmoil going on inside her. Damn those dreams! She realized coming here was a mistake. She was horny beyond belief and not thinking straight.

She reached for the doorknob and barely got the door open when he slammed it shut in her face. Sammy spun around, trapped between the door and his body. Her heart skipped a beat as she raised her eyes to his. His expression looked almost fierce, and matched the fire burning in his eyes.

“What are you doing?” Her senses went into overdrive as the warmth of his body enveloped her, threatening to suck her in.

“Where are you going so fast? You just got here.”

He was too close. His warm breath sent a shiver down her spine. “I’m not in a hurry. I only came long enough to visit with the girls again.”

John’s gruff chuckle revealed he didn’t believe her. “You can see my sisters anytime. You expect me to believe that?”

Sammy’s eyes grew round. “If you think I came here to see you then you’re crazy. I’ve spent the last twenty years—” When it dawned on her what she’d been about to say, she cut herself off.

John finished her comment for her, hitting the nail right on the head. “Trying to forget me?” His tone was low and sexier than Sammy remembered. The cockiness of youth was gone, replaced with the firm, deep tone of experience.

Keep it light, Sammy. She tried to laugh off the notion. “You wish!” She put her hands on him to push him away. “Please move.”

“Why? Do I bother you?”

There was no way she was going to show him what he was doing to her. She’d worked too hard pretending she didn’t like him during their brief acquaintance to ruin it now by swooning at his feet.

He leaned in closer. Sammy gasped and tried to shrink back against the door. She kept her hands flat against his chest, trying not to notice how rock hard his pectorals were. Or that his dick was hardening. Their lower bodies were flush and the feel of his erection caused a warm flow between her legs. Sweet Jesus! She was going to jump his bones if she didn’t get out of there soon.

“John, please. I have to go.” Was that panic in her voice? “I should never have come in.”

John grabbed her by the wrists and forced her arms above her head, pinning them against the door. He ignored Sammy’s gasp. “You’ve got that right, baby. You’ve been running from me since we were teenagers. Well, I made myself a promise, Sam. The next time I got you to myself...

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