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This is not a joke. This book reveals the secret science that women use to snatch and entrap happily married men away from their wives. This same science (that can snatch and entrap a woman’s husband) is equally capable of entrapping a bachelor, the man about town, a nerd, a Lawyer, a Doctor, a pimp, an Executive, a hustler or even a dweeb into a situation of unconscious entrapment. The bottom line is that no man is immune and what is truly amazing about this science is that the victim has no idea that he has been victimized and is entrapped. He (the victim) actually thinks that everything he is doing is of his own choosing. He does not know that he has been and is being, scientifically coerced.

THIS BOOK IS TRUE. Every man needs to have knowledge about this science so that they can be forewarned about the real deadliness of an innocent looking situation. Every woman need to know about this science so that they can warn the “non-book reading” men in their families about the dangers they can face, in dealing with the opposite sex whether they are married or not.

This book explains the science behind the "Dark Arts" that gives a woman the ability to be able to induce a man, unknowingly, into wanting her. Practitioners of the "Black Arts" know that it works, but they really don't know why it works. This book explains the science behind a very remarkable phenomenal of nature just recently discovered by Russian and American scientists in the 1990's.

No one thought this book could or would be written. No one in possession of the scientific knowledge exposed in this book wanted this book to be written. This book was written expressively to shine the light of knowledge into the darkness of ignorance, thereby revealing the shadows for what they really are, and giving everyone the chance, by trading knowledge for ignorance, to be brought "OUT OF DARKNESS".

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9 december
Garden Park Productions