Out Out
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What happens when all your dreams finally come true?

You go out and chase one last dream.

It wasn’t always easy to stay positive, something that Sebastian Havoc struggled with. Having been raised by two parents that couldn’t have cared less about him, his easygoing personality was a result of years of neglect. Nevertheless, he’d gotten through his childhood with his four best friends at his side, and after a lot of hard work and constant prayers, he had come out the other end better for it.

Ten years later, Sebastian is a phenom in the MLB, being one of the best catchers in the league. His childhood nightmares now a thing of the past, he was living a life that others would kill for. He was no longer that little boy from Hammond, Illinois, wondering if there was a better life out there. His life was full of nothing but blessings, though he still had one more dream that he was chasing.

It wasn’t always easy to stay positive, something that Nova Knight knew well. Though she’d been raised in abject poverty, her brother had always done his best to take care of her, despite being only one year older than her. She’d also been lucky enough to have grown up with more than just her brother at her side. As far as she was concerned, she had five brothers, and she loved them all dearly.

Ten years later, Nova is the director of ỖSTAR, a charity organization founded by her brother and his friends, and she couldn’t be happier. The organization made a difference in children’s lives, and that’s all that she could ever ask for. Yeah, it took up a lot of her time, but having been one of those children herself once, she wasn’t confused about her priorities, something that all the guys supported.

When friendship is no longer enough…
After years of doing the right thing, Sebastian has to finally make a decision regarding his life, despite the possibility of a Pandora’s Box happening. Nevertheless, having been in love with Nova Knight for almost fifteen years, he knew that it was time to let her know how he felt or finally move on. With her brother’s permission and the deal of the century, he no longer has an excuse to keep quiet.

After years of doing the right thing, Nova doesn’t know how not to do the decent thing. Because her family was so famous, she was just as well-known, so she did her best to always present herself in the best light. So, as a result, her love life suffered greatly, her little crush on Sebastian Havoc something that she tried really hard to forget, though it was hard when the man was sexy as sin.

When the truth finally comes out, it seems like everything couldn’t be more perfect. However, jealousy and hate quickly rear their ugly heads, threatening to ruin everything that they hold dear. After all, it’s not just their relationship that is threatened. Placed in a position where family will have to pick sides, there’s more at risk than just your normal heartbreak.

Note: This book contains adult situations, adult language, sexually explicit encounters, mention of abuse, mention of child abuse, and threats of violence. If sensitive to any of the aforementioned issues, please do not purchase.

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M.E. Clayton

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