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Utgivarens beskrivning

A few years ago the producer and consumer of paints possessed comparatively little knowledge of the relative durability of various pigments and oils. There existed in some cases a prejudice for a few standard products, that often held the user in bondage, discouraging investigation and exciting suspicion whenever discoveries were made, that brought forth new materials. Such conditions indicated to the more progressive, the need of positive information regarding the value of various painting materials, and the advisability of having the questions at issue determined in a practical manner.

The desire that such work should be instituted, resulted in the creation of a Scientific Section, the scope of which was to make investigations to determine the relative merits of different types of paint, and to enlighten the industry on various technical problems. Paint exposure tests of an extensive nature were started in various sections of the country where climatic conditions vary. This field work was supplemented in the laboratory by a series of important researches into the properties of pigments, oils, and other raw products entering into the manufacture of protective coatings. The results of the work were published in bulletin form and given wide distribution. The demand for these bulletins early exhausted the original impress, and a general summary therefore forms a part of this volume.

The purpose of the book is primarily to serve as a reference work for grinders, painters, engineers, and students; matter of an important nature to each being presented. Without repetition of the matter found in other books, two chapters on raw products have been included, and they present in condensed form a summary of information that will prove of aid to one who desires to become conversant with painting materials with a view to continuing tests such as are outlined herein. In other chapters there has been compiled considerable matter from lectures and technical articles presented by the writer before various colleges, engineering societies, and painters’ associations.

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23 april
Library of Alexandria