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In the peaceful kingdom of Paraan something sinister has started. In the poor southern farmlands, people are disappearing and no soldier from the kingdom can be found to stop it. Malin, a poor farm boy has enough trouble as the responsibility for his farm had been thrust on his young shoulders when his father had died. His mother has become near catatonic with grief and his younger sister takes care of her while he works the field. One fateful night, his life is changed forever as his farm is attacked by ruthless slavers who kill his mother and force him and his sister on a perilous journey across the burning desert. In the city of Masiim he is separated from his sister when he is sold to a cruel master who detests him because his wife loves him like a son. He is forced to endure the whip and when his master’s wife is found dead he is accused of her murder. How will Malin survive the torture and be delivered from the blade of the headsman to become that which his God has destined him for. Join Malin on his journey of faith and self-discovery as he learns who his God really is and what he has been destined for from birth as he rises to become the Paladin of Light and fights to discover who is behind all of the evil in both countries. 1

Sci-fi och fantasy
15 januari
Christian Faith Publishing, Inc