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Are you happy following simple, no-fuss recipes to the letter? Or do you want to become a partisan home baker and create your own breads? Or maybe you just want to get a taste of Sweden by biting into a classic cinnamon sweet roll?

With any luck, this book will satisfy all of you.

Partisan Baking is a collection of simple recipes created by and for home bakers, with or without the urge to experiment. Follow the recipes as they are or use them as a starting point for your very own partisan bread. The book includes Swedish celebrities like the Sweet cinnamon roll and Rye crispbread, but also the lesser known Saffron buns and Potato flatbreads, as well as some pure explorative breads such as the Beetroot bread and the Tomato, cheese & chilli bread. The recipes are accompanied by basic hints and tips on baking and how to handle the results should you not eat all at once. Check out the sample if you want to know more about what’s included.

From the author:

I have always made bread, but it wasn’t until I started using artisan recipes that my baking went to a higher level. But the equipment, time, and effort it took to create these breads made me bake less and less. When I rediscovered the traditional recipes used by my mother, grandmother and her sisters I realised they didn’t follow any artisan rules, and their bread was what made me start baking in the first place. It made me think it doesn’t have to be so complicated. And so I kind of cross-bred my childhood recipes with the artisan ones – making them as flexible and as simple as I possibly could along the way. In the process I managed to create a few new ‘modern’ breads, also made as uncomplicated as I could. Although the result might not be as good as a proper artisan bread, I believe it's still very tasty!

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17 april
I.A. Mattisson


MarianneÅ ,

Love it!

I absolutely love this book, it's totally changed my approach to baking! I've made it my mission to bake my way through all the recipies, but it's taking a while since I'm constantly revisiting my favourites so far... 😄

Sasq64 ,

My mouth is watering...

I enjoyed both the beautiful pictures and the author’s witty voice. Hopefully soon I will be enjoying the results of some bread experiments as well. I

Lökens dotter ,

Inspirerande, handfast och vacker!

Vill prova alla recept. Bara hunnit med pizzan - godaste och enklaste ever!