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The final day was drawing near and the army general did not seem to understand Jane Mark’s idea. The general could not understand why his assistant would insist so much that the crew to be sent to the war should be reshuffled. The general wondered why more to that, his assistant insisted to go to war after all his discouragements. 

Among all odds and in all disagreements, Jane succeeded to fraud in Mr Golf’s name among the first crew of armies that were going to be discharged to the Namia war which she was going to lead.

After work the evening to the day the army was to be discharged to the Namia battle field, Jane had parked her stuff and was ready for departure the following day. She was so happy her dreams now were finally coming closer but one thing kept her so disturbed. She did not know how she was going to make her approach to Mr Golf. Having Golf by her was all the reason she wanted to take all the risk to the war, it was all the reason why had fraud the original list of armies that were being listed for the Namia battle. 

At the battle field, things never turned out like the assistant Gen. expected, the army she was going to fight against has taken an embargo and it was for so long. The army she was leading was now so afraid because they did not even could guest the direction they will finally attacked. Jane Mark the team leader and the assistant Gen. was equally worried but her worries were directed towards something different. 

Rather than concentrating her mind on how they were going to defend themselves from the enemies attack and how to fight back, Jane was seriously thinking how she could lure Mr Golf an army in the team she was leading in the Namia battle field. She could give a command and Golf will be right there in her tent but she did not want it to look formal.

The enemies finally fired up with the long awaited attack and it was nothing like they expected but as Commander at the field, Jane had to give orders from behind but she was so disturbed that her main reason to the war could be altered if anything that will not favour her real mission to the battle field. She now had give Golf a position that his abilities could not make up. From when the war started, Golf was given the responsibility of an assistant commander at the battle field. Golf did not know what to think but he could sense something romantic from the commander’s attitude. Now Jane has succeeded to protect her secret lover but it would be long before it will be exposed.

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