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From the Publisher that brought you popular short story series Earthbound Angels, The January Morrison Psychic Files, , Ralph's Gift, Come With Me, A Halloween Awakening, One Wrong Step, Shadow Stalkers, and Friend Zone. and now, here is our two stories in 1 book!

Sandra Ross's Romantic Drama and Mystery Collection 1

Hostile Hearts Part 1: The Mating

She never knew someone like him would come...

Iliana meets Nickolas at the restaurant where she works as a waitress. He is beautiful, rich, witty—and beckons her for just one date. Yet her senses whispers a warning: "He's unpredictable." She will never know what to expect with him.

Nickolas woes her every day, nonstop, for a month. He brings her to his secluded castle, straight from the pages of a fairy tale, and dazzles her with a display of romantic lights like she's never seen before. All of this... for her.

He is the epitome of control, like a panther, but as a lover he is just as wild. He sets her body on fire, and it consumes both of them again and again. Sex with him is simply incomparable!

Nickolas is being just too good to be true. So she is sometimes afraid—of waking up. Of seeing the truth.

Because all her senses knew his secret. There is something to Nickolas that more than meets the eye, and it's what's tugging at her to wake up. To just open her eyes.

Eve Snow Psychic P.I. Part 1: The Case of the Secret Admirer

Someone wants Eve's head on a platter. How can she stop what she doesn't know is coming?

Everything has been falling into place for Eve Snow; Hunter Vale has found his way back into her life, and promises to share it with her forever. Now, they’re planning a wedding and venturing into Eve’s private investigation business together.

Then Eve is asked by her friend Det. Chad Morrison into investigating a murder that requires the help of her psychic abilities. What makes this case special is that the victim was one of her closest friends from college, Sara Cranston.

Little does Eve know that Sara’s murder is just the start of an elaborate scheme to lure her into a web of punishment, deceit, and bloodshed—all in the name of revenge.

Hunter has to stifle his worry as he watches Eve risk her life to solve the case, not knowing that as she gets more involved, she puts herself right where the Secret Admirer wants her.

What could this person possibly want from Eve? Will she get out of the ordeal alive?

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