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A collection of 4 standalone Clean & Wholesome Christian romance short stories with guarantee HEA and no cliffhangers.

The City of Eternal Spring

Beth isn't running away. At least that's what she tells herself when she agrees to take on a temporary mission position teaching English at a children's home and school near Cuernavaca, Mexico. The truth is, she only took the job, in part, to get away from her alcoholic father and her difficult brother, both of whom have been at each other's throats since her mother died in a tragic car accident six months ago.

Now, she's looking for a summer full of meaningful work and free of personal conflict. Unfortunately, she only gets half of what she's looking for. Plenty of personal conflict comes with her fellow teacher at the school, Brent. Brent an American who grew up in Mexico, works full time at the school and is suspicious of and sometimes hostile towards missionaries who come to work in Mexico only for a few months and then leave. None the less, Beth does her best to work with her difficult partner and, as the weeks go on, she finds that she and Brent develop a tentative sort of friendship.

But, when family drama from home threatens to interfere with her work in Mexico, Beth finds herself with a difficult choice. Should she stay in Mexico, doing the work that she is sure God wants her to do? Or should she go home and be the peacemaker in her family, as she always has in the past? Can her new partner, Brent, help her discover her true purpose?

Sins of the Father

Eva Perrault is creating a new life. She has a new name, a new home and, most importantly, a life away from her wealthy, famous and corrupt father. A life away from the affluent world she's known since she was a child. She's looking for a life of meaning and purpose.

That's why she takes on a temporary position with a Christian, nonprofit tutoring center in Brooklyn, New York. There she meets the young, hardworking, associate pastor Ian Campbell who runs the charity. As days turn into weeks, Eva becomes much more than a temporary data entry clerk. She proves invaluable to the organization and to Ian, with whom she is becoming much closer than she expected.

But, when the tutoring center is threatened, a secret from Eva's past comes back to haunt her. She has a difficult choice to make. She can tell Ian who she really is and face the wrath of her influential father, or stay silent and allow the center to be caught up in another one of her father's schemes…. 

From Prison to the Palace

Esther White has spent almost ten years in prison for a crime she never committed. Now, at the age of thirty-five she is ready to be released back into a world in which she has only one friend left, a friend who has always believed in her innocence, and who visited her as often as possible in that dreadful place.

It is through Ellen Blake's loyalty, support, encouragement and advice that Esther becomes a Christian during the time she is incarcerated. Thanks to both the prison chaplain, Jane Bennett, and Ellen's never ending help, Esther finds the strength to survive her terrible ordeal.

Her new found faith in God not only sustains her during her most difficult times, but becomes the inspiration for her need to uncover the truth. After meeting wealthy Christian philanthropist, Jesse Johnson, Esther embarks on a spiritual journey that takes her from the prison to the palace.

5 september
Green Book Publishing

Fler böcker av Johanna Jenkins & Rachel J. Moore