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Path to the Dream Life is about the struggle of Imma, a young man living in Nigeria, West Africa, to rise above his circumstances and make good in the world. The changed lives and faith convictions of the friends he encounters along the way confront him with choices – choices that place him on a collision course with everyone and everything that matter to him. As Imma struggles with those choices, his concept of a dream life and the path thereto are tested.
The broken road meanders to The Life, Christ, and to Gift, the love of his life that nearly wasn’t. A romance ensues that hits its own cross-roads and forces them to linger over the choice of the one - until the moments both see beyond themselves and progress in a relationship that will mirror and beckon the true Dream Life in more ways than one. Imma captures it in a poem he recites to Gift: ‘… But in the darkness of my doubts You lifted the lamp of love And I saw in your face The road that I should take’.
Written in real-life conversational style, Path to The Dream Life would be a delightful read for anyone interested in African life, and what the journey from limitations to the dream is like in that culture. Young Adults on the search for life purpose and quest for fulfillment will find this book particularly relatable and inspiring. Spiced with subplots of perseverance, ambition, faith, hope, clean and wholesome romance, friendship and the search for ultimate purpose and fulfilment, this story is both entertaining and motivating.

19 november
Anayo Onwuka

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