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• How can we be still when everything around us is moving so fast?

• Are we able to experience quiet times when there are so many distractions everywhere?

• Is it possible to enjoy the present when the past is regretfully unforgettable and the future is uncertain?

• Will I ever hear the voice of God when the storms seem louder than His Words?

Marie Nadeige Maurice shares lessons and insights she has learned as she pens a semi-autobiography. Her childhood experiences and maturation reveal her inspiring relationship with God, which she recalls to help inspire readers to connect with Him. The reading contains a realistic narrative voice, touching on personal topics and biblical stories readers can relate to. The hunger for God in conjunction with the author’s honesty provides many genuine insights. Transitions from her personal life and childhood to reflections as an adult flow smoothly in the reading. This book is purposefully written to help readers discover how the power of the Almighty can enable them to relax in the middle of storms, which can be presented as life’s circumstances.

Marie Nadeige Maurice was born in Haiti and immigrated in the United States in 1994. Marie is known as an inspired Gospel singer and song composer, worship dancer, a youth leader, children Sunday school teacher and a caring mother. Marie Studied English and obtained an Associate Degree of Art at Harry S. Truman College. Marie also owns a Social Work Degree from Northeastern Illinois University. Marie taught GED classes at Easter Seals Metropolitan Chicago and is a Hospital Case Manager for North Shore Senior Center Social Services. Marie’s main goal is to serve God wholeheartedly and focus on writing other books that will impact  lives of readers all over the world.

Peace! Be! Still! will be translated in French, Haitian Creole, Spanish and other languages on demand.

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