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Reviewed By Lori A. Moore for Readers’ Favorite 5stars

Marsha L. Ceniceros' Perçu is a collection of 41 pieces of poetry ranging in subject matter from "Friend in Heaven" to "Methamphetamine's," making it very eclectic. In her poem titled "The Beauty of Silence," the lines about "holding hands with a pleasant breeze" and "I prefer simple waves of ease" really did evoke memories of walking on a quiet beach and having peace within myself. Many of Ceniceros' poems are inspirational, most of them emotional, and all of them stir the soul and touch the reader the way good poetry is supposed to.

I could easily imagine these poems being read aloud as spoken art during a book reading or a performance in a coffee house as they had a wonderful rhythm to them. Even those who don't think they are fans of poetry would enjoy Marsha Ceniceros' Perçu because the poems are real stories and each has some element to which we can gravitate and relate. For example, in "Hearts of Grace," she writes, "A family not of blood, nor race, seeing no difference, loving me just the same." This poem reflects the great love of people for one another, regardless of their differences, and don't we all just need a little more of that in our lives right now? I really enjoyed reading Perçu and pausing upon each poem to reflect on how it touched my heart or what it meant to me. Sometimes we all need a little poetry to inspire and affect us on an emotional level.

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Marsha L Ceniceros

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