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Utgivarens beskrivning

A middle aged father of three becomes the 14th Duke of Warwick then loses his wife to cancer. His unfulfilling work life in the former steel town of Newcastle increases his anger and frustration with the people he works with. Anger management classes is the last place he wants to be but unexpectedly he meets Rebecca. Rebecca has a traumatic past that begins to catch up with her subconscious. For the past thirteen years it’s been kept in check until her boss notices something not quite right and sends her to deal with the unknown darkness hidden below the surface. An expected visit from Tony, Rebecca’s ex and Hannah’s father, scares Rebecca into hiding until Tony's past misdemeanors catch up with him, sending him to goal. Keeping true to their Christian faith Craig and Rebecca keep their relationship platonic but the pull of temptation pushes things along, but is it true love? Without telling Rebecca, Craig struggles to keep his kids hidden from the looming fame and recognition that will be part and parcel of his life as a billionaire duke. Craig is desperate to protect teen-aged Charlotte and his younger sons David and Jack from the limelight. Craig finds out by accident that his daughter Charlotte has been getting up to mischief late at night with her school friends. When Charlotte wakes from her unconsciousness she finds that every-thing has changed, her dad is a duke and life for her has just become extremely complicated. Bringing up their children as single parents forms a bond of understanding between Craig and Rebecca that blossoms into love and a romantic proposal. The announcement of their upcoming wedding creates a furor in the gossip columns while Rebecca’s Aunt Samantha keeps everything on the down low when she marries her ex-bikie boyfriend Nifty.

21 juni
James McMechan