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Private detective Oswald Doyle is back, and this time he is investigating the theft of a missing letter written by Albert Pike. Much mystery surrounds the document which, written in 1871, outlines three world wars, two of which have already played out as Pike predicted. Doyle discovers a connection between the theft and the mysterious Olivia Quinn who is involved in ''member-only'' unregistered private auctions. She also has a family journal written by Silas Pearce, her great-great-grandfather and close friend of Pike. To discover the truth of the diary, which makes many references to Pike, Doyle and Declan Merrick use the Quantime, a quantum travel device, to meet up with the author of the diary in Little Rock, Arkansas, in 1830. Doyle's plan is successful, and he gets an introduction to Albert Pike when he was a young man. Returning from the mission, Doyle discovers that Olivia Quinn had been kidnapped by SCoW, who carries out the dirty work for the Palladium Rite, the overarching group that controls all Freemasonry. Hubert, a SCoW enforcer, demand the genuine Pike Letter in exchange for Olivia's safe return. But there is a problem as the police have the authentic letter locked up in the evidence room at Willesden Police Station. And this is just the beginning as Doyle gets embroiled in a plot for world domination in which, he finds himself way out of his depth.

Deckare och thrillers
5 december
Chris Deggs

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