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The pizza delivery arrives and the hottest thing available is the pizza girl!

Horny married couple have a party in the horny student!

Steve and I loved a good orgy and barely legal students were always top of our wish list. So when the lovely Olivia turned up with our pizzas, right in the middle of a porn fest, we couldn't resist her. First she took a ride on Steve's magnificent cock, before I took a taste of her sweetness. Then the orgy was just a few phone calls away and Olivia was a sweet treat for our swinging friends!

˃˃˃ Extract:

We had a big piece of mirror art in the kitchen and I could see it from where I bobbed up and down on the living room sofa. I admired myself. At thirty I was still so fucking hot! My big tits showed no sign of sag and the nipples still stood proudly out on top. They were jiggling a little now in a way that made me hot, let alone Steve. There was no other apparent fat on me. The gym time definitely paid off. My husband’s big hands found my nipples and squeezed them hard the way I liked it. That made me squeak so loud that pizza girl must have heard it. I closed my eyes for a moment and rode Steve’s big cock with long, easy strokes.

When I opened them again, I was looking straight at Olivia. She was stood in the doorway with her mouth wide open. She must have heard us fucking and I reckoned she was just expecting to have to deal with the porn which was still playing on the TV. I guessed the idea of the lady of the house disappearing to get change and being right royally f****d before coming back was a step too far for most people and particularly naïve nineteen year olds.

I looked at her quizzically as I continued to impale myself on that lovely pork sword and she tried to form some words. “Er, my money? I have hot pizzas on the bike!”

I purposely ignored her and spoke directly to Steve. “Isn’t she lush, lover?”

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