President's Love Affair: (Billionaire Romance, BWWM, Bad Boy Romance) President's Love Affair: (Billionaire Romance, BWWM, Bad Boy Romance)

President's Love Affair: (Billionaire Romance, BWWM, Bad Boy Romance‪)‬

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    • 45,00 kr

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Joy Donovan has been seeing the president of Johnson Enterprises for nearly six months. She had a crush on him for months before, so she had been more than excited when he had asked her out. Only besides going to a few dinners where they talked about business, most of their time spent together was in bed. Did she mention that the president was her boss? So now after six months of being nothing more than a warm body, Joy was ready to leave not only Marc but the company as well. The idea of seeing his face every day and possible meeting his future paramours had her heart aching. All she has to do is build up her will to leave. Except, she can't give up on the man who wasted no time tracking her to another country just to prove to her that he's worth the love that she has for him.

Marc Johnson never saw his secretary as anything more than an unfashionable efficient worker, who he couldn't do without. Until the night he invites her out to attend a banquet with him while he's in between relationships. She instantly steals his breath away with just how beautiful she truly is and Marc stopped at nothing to have her, not caring that she worked for him. Their relationship seemed great enough to him and he didn't want for anything more. Until she suddenly stops taking his calls. Then the next time he sees her, she tells him she wants to end things. Marc should just do as wished, but he wasn't ready to give her up and in the chase to win her back, he begins to realize that maybe the feelings he had for her were deeper than he imagined.

Sci-fi och fantasy
30 januari
Amazing Publisher