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100 fictional press releases. A sometimes humorous, always different, look at our world today and in the near future. Everything and everyone are fair game including government, politics, religion, business, labor, lawyers, college, entertainment, economics, genetic engineering and cloning.

A sampling of Press Releases:

Chairman of the Board, First American Industrial Company - Bribes

National Aeronautics and Space Administration -First Contact

Media Awareness Group - Adwise

The Republic of Santo Paulo - Our First Election

National Association of Women Executives - Meaningful Progress

Vaya Con Dios, Inc. - To Be Or Not To Be

Machiavellian Adult Night School, Inc. - First Congressional Graduating Class

Erasmus P. Donday, Corporate Tax Accountant - “M”

Organization of Petroleum Exporting Worlds (OPEW) - Moon Oil

Holographic Hall of Fame - Anniversary

John Shanks, Former Professional Golfer of the Year - Two Foot Putts

The Economic Outstitute (A Band of Renegade Economists) - Equality of ….?

United States Attorney General’s Office - Electronic Opinion Sampling Company

Family of Companies, Inc. - Corporate Update

Modern Name Society - Names For Our Times

Clones, Clones, Inc. Inc. - Lawsuit

Federal Healthful Agency - Nuclear Waste

Maurice K. Pendergast Vacuum Crapper Company - Lawsuit

Institute For Female Studies - The Role of Women

Institute For Male Studies - The Future of Women

Avant-Garde Cinema Productions - Three Clones in the Fountain

Independent Electronic Party - Jane and Bob

Institute For Peculiar Activities - Millionaire Politicians

Gen-Eng, Inc. - S-X

First Church of Evolutionary Reincarnation - “Ten Lives”

Board of Regents, Tarr and Fether University - Academic Rebirth

The Whole Truth and Nothing But the Truth and
No B.S. Daily Newspaper - Slow News Day

The Flunked-Out Legal “Friends” of Shapiro and Rossi, Inc. - The Coming Fiscal Year

Dr. Azrael Mors - Lawsuit

Public Protection Agency - Unsafe in Any Womb

“C” Student Hall of Fame - Alfred T. Strathaus Award

Ms. Velvet Tush - I Love You

Los Angles Police Department - Dali Carton

The Estate of Lawrence Q. Williams - The Williams War Prize

“Philosophy Today” - Special Introductory Subscription Offer

President’s Commission on Capital Punishment - Recommendations

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