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Pulpits in the Marketplace is Bob Steinkamp's sequel to A Day of Freedom, which first introduced us to Tony and Dee Taylor, and chronicled on how God broke the stronghold of pornography that threatened their family. In Pulpits in the Marketplace, we see how God is using Tony and Dee to further His Kingdom through their singing group, which becomes known as Reclaimed. Throughout the story we see the impact of the group's message on others who have strayed from God's Word regarding the sanctity of marriage. The reader is reminded that Christ's love should be proclaimed not only inside the church, but from every available "pulpit," be it the home, the classroom, the workplace, at a truck stop, and yes, even in the marketplace. Pulpits in the Marketplace is an inspirational story that will surely uplift and inspire every reader!

Pulpits in the Marketplace is from Rejoice Marriage Ministries, which was founded by Bob and Charlyne Steinkamp in 1990. God restored their marriage two years after they had fallen victim to divorce. Since that time God has used Bob and Charlyne to encourage countless men and women to stand in the gap for their "prodigals." They have witnessed first hand what God can do in the lives of His people if one spouse trusts in Him for the healing of both marriage and home, and loves his or her absent mate with the unconditional love that Christ first demonstrated to us on the cross.

But the Lord says Don't cry any longer; for I have heard your prayers and you will see them again; they will come back to you from the distant land of the enemy. Jeremiah 31:16 (TLB)

26 november
Rejoice Marriage Ministries, Inc.

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