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“Pure Gold” is a biographical novel, based on an outstanding woman’s life, this story is set in South Africa with a short period in the United Kingdom. The main character is Helen. She gives up her first love in order to marry a man in a wheelchair, suffering from a degenerative disease. As she nurses him through his long and difficult life, she battles asthma, infertility, breast cancer, a nervous breakdown and the loss of her parents, only to triumph at the end as she leans to deal with all her many trials through her deepening relationship with God and her growing faith.

When Helen first feels the call of God to marry this man, she is a young woman and a new, immature Christian, but as she chooses to do the will of God, she begins to grow in her faith and mature as a person. Helen learns to deal with disappointment by placing her faith in God. In doing so she grows in trust in all things.
The initial antagonist in the story is her first love and a man who is a constant reminder of all she has given up during the early years of her life. As Helen is finally able to come to terms with God’s will and releases this man, a new and unexpected antagonist arises in the form of her own husband.

This story was written to honour a strong, courageous and inspirational woman who chose to follow God even when she couldn’t see the beginning from the end, when nothing made sense and she felt ready to give up. We follow her journey through life, both spiritually and emotionally as she grows through her trials and triumphs, and learns joy and peace, even when everything around her is in turmoil.

6 augusti
Heather Hearn

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