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Who has not  seen the  film Reach for the Sky and not been enthralled by the story of Douglas Bader?  A man who who  lived to  fly and was then involved in a crash that resulted in his legs being amputated. When England faced the  might of  the German was machine Douglas Bader did everything  possible to get back into an airplane and help defeat the foe.  Lucky for Britain,  Douglas  was soon to be  joined by many other young, brave  boys - some abandoning their education to  get involved in defending their country and defeating the foe.  Some of those brave  boys went on to become flying "aces" - the  tag applied to a pilot who have at least 5 confirmed "victories". Others, like Bader’s  long time wingman, may not have gained that distinction, but none the less  did a stirling job. Indeed, when Bader was shot down, it was the first time he had flown without Alan Smith (Later Sir Alan Smith DFC and Bar) as his trusted wingman. How might history have been changed had Smith flown that day rather than being bedridden with the  Flu! 

This eBook includes a compilation of  the individual records of  a group of RAF pilots all, fighter Aces, all brave young men.

There is also the  records of the men in charge of the  various "Groups" which each covered a certain area of the country and their commanders. The Few are linked forever to The Battle of Britain - of which an abridged account  is also included. Above all others the nations  inspirational leader Sir Winston Churchill, he also  is included.  If you have any interest in RAF history, its pilots who became the legendary as “The Few”  - this book deals with real people, real events and sadly the reality that young men and their machines were not invulnerable.

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