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Recipes for Panini explains how to get the most out of your Panini or sandwich maker. Twenty five different recipes are given for you to produce your own exciting Panini at home. The book details how to choose the best Panini breads. Recipes for Panini also shows you how you can easily make, at home, the most wonderful bread for your Panini. These recipes are all based on classic Italian breads.

Panini have become very popular in café culture over the last few years. It is therefore not surprising that people want to try and recreate them at home. Panini are far more than just toasted sandwiches. Selection of the bread and ingredients is very important. There are lots of different types of panini and this book provides you with a selection of recipes so that you can build up a nice range of them, as part of your panini repertoire.

You can use just about any bread to make a panini but crusty Italian style bread always comes out best. It is easy just to go down to the supermarket and get some suitable bread, but have you thought about making your own? Panini bread is easy to make and there is nothing like that just cooked bread aroma and taste. Try making your own Ciabatta or Focaccia especially for your panini. You can also add herbs and make something really special. Full details are given on how to make these breads for yourself. Making your own panini bread will take your panini skills screaming up to the next level. Get the book and start making your own exciting breakfast, lunch and snack panini at home.

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11 juli
Elisabetta Parisi

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