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Reef Fish is a celebration of fishes of the Indo-Pacific region. This new 2019 edition includes 37 new species taking the total to 708 species from Western Australia, the Coral Sea and the Coral Triangle (Raja Ampat and Sulawesi).

In over 40 years of diving, fish have been my constant underwater companions. Even under miserable conditions of cold water, limited visibility and foul currents, fish going about their daily routines and curiously assessing this interloper have provided endless amusement and a sense of comfort. 

Much of my diving has been done alone in less than ideal visibility which invokes a certain state of mind. It was always reassuring to find friendly faces at the end of the anchor line and providing entertainment on many an otherwise unrewarding dive.

I became particularly attached to a red snapper living on a reef in Southern Australian waters and one day arrived to find him being hauled to the surface on the end of a fishing line. My diver’s knife came in handy and he was restored to his rightful place on the reef. We met again many more times.

All errors in species identification are my own and feedback is most welcome as I will update and correct this book from time to time.

The images are from digital SLR’s (since 2005). All Pam’s images have been taken whilst free diving (from the surface to a depth of 12 metres).

She is always prompt to point out that she has little time to prepare and compose her shots against the luxury of my nearly unlimited bottom time.

Vetenskap och natur
19 december
Wayne Osborn

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