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Reef life is a celebration of the stunning marine biodiversity of the Indo-Pacific region. It’s a companion volume to Reef Fish (which covers the same region) and is also available as an eBook.   

Reef Life trawls a variety of species from the temperate southwest of Western Australia and   slowly meanders through the famed Coral Triangle (Raja Ampat and Sulawesi). Of course photographs never deliver full justice to the grandeur of the natural world, but it was a labour of love working through these images and finding new discoveries tucked away in the corners of some of the images.

We are only shutter jockeys not scientists so the identification work comes from scratching around in reference books and online searches. Any errors in species identification are entirely my own and feedback is most welcome as I will update and correct this book from time to time.

On line reference material such as the Australian Institute of Marine Science’s coral fact sheets at www.coral.aims.gov.au were incredibly helpful. 

The images have been taken with digital SLR’s since 2005. Pam’s  images have all been taken whilst free diving (from the surface to a depth of 12 metres).

She is always prompt to point out that she has little time to prepare and compose her shots against the luxury of my nearly unlimited bottom time.

We are both careful to minimise our intrusion on the marine environment when taking photographs

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12 januari
Wayne Osborn

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